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Add Affordable "Wow! Factor" Into Your Kitchen

Open-plan houses are going to be the most desired style for houses these days, which makes the kitchen, the centre of attention. This is why the kitchen can be the house's main decorative part or even a character.

By adding some design ideas to your kitchen while renovating or even remodelling it, you’ll have a unique, bespoken space.

Keep in mind that having a well-functional and easy-to-use kitchen doesn’t mean that it contains a “wow factor”

A “wow factor” is an interesting element that is a part of a kitchen's design to attract attention and bold its character or impress a meaning. You may implement some refined elements at the same time.

While putting around too many of them in a design, will scatter the attention, having one or two would be enough.

So, if you go for designing your kitchen or remodelling it, put a couple of these factors somewhere, otherwise, it will be a lost opportunity of having an aesthetic kitchen that expresses your intentions.

Here are a few shortcuts that can give you an idea to add wow factors to your kitchen.

1- Combine your white cabinets with wood items

To give your kitchen an elegant and strong personality, combine stained wood with white cabinets.

But beware! Keep the total surface of wood less than 30%.

2- Backsplash and Waterfall

The inspired home works cohesively as a whole, rather than through a piecemeal approach of finding one element here and another there. It's achieved by conscientiously blending in colour, form, and function throughout the space,

The Backsplash is an option to make spaces connect together!

To bolden the countertop and backsplash and all the beautiful stones you have in your kitchen, the best way is a waterfall on one side of the island or cabinets.

Definitely, it will show itself more if it is installed in the island cabinets.

If there is any possibility of using the same backsplash stone on another area of the house such as the living room, TV room, or part of an accent wall, DO NOT lose it! It makes an open-concept kitchen connected to other spaces of the home and soars the energy flow in the house.

3- Make the kitchen welcoming and bring hygge to your home

Make your kitchen area where you and your family live there. Adding some benches in the kitchen or to the adjacent area (with the same cabinet styles doors), will make the kitchen a loveable connected space and bring more hygge to your space.

“It’s one thing to have an impressive kitchen, but when the design beckons you to “come on in” and be part of the action, there’s a definite moment of Wow, I belong here “. Toni Roberts.

4- Add an attention grabber wall.

Behind the range is the best part to show the specialty of your kitchen and elevate your style, with a stunning marble/backsplash. To bring enough contrast to mostly white-modern kitchen cabinets. You should keep in mind, having this wall means you sacrifice your space for some storage. On the other hand, in a small medium kitchen, you should give it a double thought.

5- Lighting is the hero!

A new lighting design can create an extraordinary look for a building, similarly, the backsplash can be changed to an ascent wall by lighting design.

In this method, Colour, and shades of light are the main elements for an elevated style.

6- Personalized your space by using a collected kitchen approach

Consider matching decorative for your kitchen to give it a collected approach. Turn unreachable top cabinets to well-lighted display selves. Look at all corners to find a space to insert an interesting element into your exciting kitchen.

7- Be extra bold if you feel brave!

This is a conversational decision to make! Go for high impact with a strong, unexpected colour.

8- Add a Wine rack

Wine racks are full of creativity. Implementing a chic compact wine rack in a small to medium size kitchen and a quite larger one in a bigger kitchen definitely is a wow factor.

Wine bottles, themselves, are full of creativity, but having a collection of them in a well-placed wine rack, makes curiosity and attention.

9- Ignite up the nostalgia

If you care about cultural heritage, value that by adding its elements to your kitchen. Consider cupboards, open shelves, special Colour, bamboo wood, etc to make your nostalgia.

10- Reflect your passion

Do you love cooking? Bring your cooking area to the middle of attention. Give life to your kitchen.

Do you enjoy making juicy drinks? Then why don’t have a bar front in your kitchen to enjoy?

Is your fresh bread famous, or your homemade Pizza? Cheese lover? …

Your passion, as a kitchen user, brings the biggest wow factor!

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