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Kitchenette vs Kitchen: Which One Fits Your Lifestyle?

A normal kitchen is classic, but the kitchenette desires a shot!

A kitchenette is a small set of cabinets and related appliances that can save space for residents of the house. A great example of Kitchenettes are what you can see in standard hotel rooms.

Kitchenettes are designed to be the most efficient, in as little space as possible!


But let's jump to the differences between a kitchenette and a regular kitchen.

In normal kitchens, the design has to have enough space for storage of raw materials or semi-cooked food, as well as space for plates, glasses, pans and utensils. This storage provides ease and flexibility to prepare family foods or manage parties.

basement cabinets white high-glass quartz countertop
Basement cabinets with sink and microwaves

For a student or a bachelor, most commonly, a home prepared meal is expensive and time-consuming. Parties are expensive and mostly hold in restaurants! Not all functions of kitchen are needed, so let's welcome the Kitchenette!

Kitchenette is a kitchen characterized by low space, and fast living style. A Kitchenette usually includes a Microwave, sink, under cabinet fridge and a cook top oven.

Kitchenettes are the best choice for a student house, a small suite, a bachelorette house, an Airbnb rental room, and or basements.

Kitchenettes in bigger houses, act as a second compact kitchen, a bar, or even complement the guest rooms.

More than that, kitchenettes are easy to keep clean as they are smaller.

Investing in a full kitchen in a small house has no function and proves to be a wasting of your valuable living space, and your hard-earned money. On the other hand, having just a kitchenette (instead of a full kitchen) in a family house, make no sense.

Having a kitchenette In a large house is very practical and classy.

So how about you give the Kitchenette a chance!

Basement cabinets kitchenette high glass quartz countertop
Basement Cabinet Kitchenette


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